I am Keith. I have played guitar in CAPDOWN for many years. I have also been running my mobile recording service for many years too and have helped a number of artists achieve top quality recordings at very fair rates.

I will give you a quote if required, please use the CONTACT section to get in touch...

I am based in Milton Keynes yet run a mobile rig - I usually use an artist's practice space to capture a recording.

Editing and mixing will be done at my own premises, and then I'll host the files on a user's page here so you can log in to listen and we can discuss any changes you require. All multitrack stem files will be provided back to you and I can also provide a 'mastered' version of the recordings. The final mix will also be supplied to you 'un-mastered' as 24bit stereo files for mastering elsewhere if required.

I will not however, burn anything to disc from now on... Test mix CD's invariably end up in landfill sites as the medium is non-recyclable.

My website does not store or share user's personal data. #ownyourdata.


Website update in progress...


Some recent work.

Full production

The Getgone
5 song EP. Recorded, mixed and mastered.
The Getgone
One Thousand Ways To Live
10 song album. Recorded, mixed and mastered.

Mixing / Mastering

From Mountains
In Memory Only
7 song album. Mixed and mastered.
Vanilla Pod
Seeing Out The Sunrise
8 song mini-album. Mastered.


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